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Friday, 21 June 2019

My Test 2019

Testing alot on this great website.

I recently wrote a great about a sports streaming website named "Goatdee" check it out.

Test Completed.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

GoatDee: Top 10 Secret Streaming Alternatives

GoatDee is one of the top sports streaming websites across the world for watching live matches and channels online at no cost to its users any day and at any time.

Goatdee is not the best to stream matches so here is a list of secret alternatives to watch live sports matches instead of using GoatDee or Goatdee live sports from any country all over the world for streaming your various sports matches like Tennis, BasketBall, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Handball, Golf, Car Racing, Chess Tournaments and many more.

GoatDee: Top 5 Secret Sports Streaming Alternatives


FuboTV is no doubt the best alternative to Goatdee for all sports fans across the world due to its wide range of channels and live sports coverage of various leagues in Football, Tennis and many more.

The only problem with FuboTv is that it can't the websites is not available for sports fans outside of the United States and is also not totally free, offering a wide range of subscription plans to choose from. Unlike Goatdee and Old mobile Bet9ja, If you visit FuboTv outside the US, you would get a notification telling you this website is not available in your country at the moment.

User Review: "FuboTV is absolutely fantastic, I can watch live matches from any league thanks for my trial for the main time I would agree this is the best Goatdee Alternative in the world."

FuboTV 2nd User Review: "Am in the US and I can access FuboTV, it is a fantastic website no doubt with a great user interface and most importantly a trial plan free for 7 days which is fantastic before paying any money to watch matches live online."


StreamHunter is a quality alternative for Goatdee and a flexible website for watching live sports matches for free with a high video quality from your mobile device or pc depending on your internet connection.

It provides a top streaming service very easy to use like Goatdee and allows you to stream your matches even while traveling around the world also based on your network range quality with each category for various sports like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Baseball and many more. unlike most sports streaming websites, StreamHunter also provides sports news to read in your free time on its website.

StreamHunter Review: "I love StreamHunter it is the 2nd best sports streaming website in the world and a perfect Goatdee alternative with a clean and easy to use website design."

2nd StreamHunter Review: "This website is perfect no doubt, I can search for any match live or leagues or even tournaments of my choice like the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and many more."


StopStream is our third best alternative to Goatdee in the sports streaming industry. It has a simple website interface making it easy to navigate your live matches in no time and select the match you wish to watch live.

StopStream has collaboration with some top brands like FromHot and many more top networks from all over the world. They also have a live chat feature which allows its users to interact from anywhere and it is completely free with no registration or anything of such.

StopStream Review: "Perfect website design I can watch my matches with easy and at no cost, I still believe FuboTV is the best but StopStream is also a great sports streaming website."


Feed2all is another great alternative to Goatdee for streaming live sports matches on the internet at no cost for its users.

Feed2All have categories for top sports like Goatdee such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Darts, Snooker, Cricket, Rugby, Olympics, MotoSport and many more sports. They also have a quality live scores feature which shows the scores from all top leagues like Premier League, French Ligue 1, Bundesliga and others.


This is another perfect alternative for GoatDee any day anytime for live sports matches streaming. MamaHD has a black color background with a red and white text design looking simple and good enough for sports streaming on its platform. It offers you matches schedules, news and list of all live events as at the time you visit this website's homepage. They provide streams from the likes of SkySports, BT Sport, BeIn Sports, Fox Sports, Box Nation, NFL Network and many other top sports streaming platforms.

MamaHD User Review: "Advertisements on this website is a little excessive from my perspective I would advise using a quality ad-blocker to stream matches as I do with no problems at all, this website is also free and does not require any form of registration to stream your favorites matches or even tournaments."


SportLemon is the next website on this list of Goatdee alternatives to stream all sports matches online live without any problems. You can watch all league matches, cups and tournaments like FIFA World Cup, AFCON, Copa America and many more thanks to its easy to use and clean website design.

On SportLemon homepage, a list of all the live contents are shown to select from and if your preferred match is not shown to make use of the search box provided. You can try it and let us know what you think.

SportLemon Review: "Best sports streaming website design have ever seen with a perfect interface, fewer ads and straight access to all live matches from its website homepage."


Any sports fan out there must definitely try out Laola1, it's our next alternative to Goatdee on this list. Laola1 is one of the best sports streaming websites in the world with fewer ads and quality live stream contents for all its users. They have over 50,000 monthly visitors on this website, which shows how addictive so many users have become addictive to this quality sports streaming brand.


This is not the best but very manageable goatdee alternative for streaming sports on your mobile devices or PC online at no cost for its users. StreamCamondo provides high-quality video definition streams for all your favorite sports matches, leagues, cups and tournaments. They cover a wide range of sports such as Baseball, Football, Hockey, Tennis and many more sports.


BatManStream is one of my best Goatdee alternatives known for many years for providing live high-quality stream for all sports events on its well-trusted website. They have a perfect homepage preview which shows all the currently live sports events in all sports from all over the world.

BatManStream is a must try from this list because I trust this platform perfectly to find your favorite live matches and watch them without any problems.


RedStreamSport is a top alternative for goatdee providing sports streaming channels for its thousands of monthly sports visitors. It is absolutely to watch matches live with RedStreamSport with no registration or anything else necessary. Unlike Goatdee, they provide you with streaming links from other websites in a formatted and easy way for you to decide which you prefer anyway.


I hope you enjoyed this list of Goatdee alternatives and can now watch your favorite live sports matches without any problems, if you have suggestions or ideas of websites like VipLeague NBA that should be listed here kindly leave a comment below, we will respond as soon as possible.

Friday, 14 June 2019

800+ Powerful Cool Names For Games 2019

Today it has becomes very difficult to find cool names for games which you plan to use, develop or share for any reason of your choice.
Cool Names For Games

This list of 800+ Cool Names For Games would solve exactly that problem for you with ease and it is now left for you to pick which name best suits your game type/genre before launching it and uploading on the App Stores online.

When deciding the name for your game, it is very important to take note of some important facts to avoids regrets after launching your game on the App Stores.

10 Rules For Picking Cool Names For Games:

1. Be Natural
2. Avoid Long Names
3. Be Precise
4. Be Different
5. Stand Out From Your Competition
6. Pick Simple Name
7. Avoid Names With More Than 3 Words
8. Make Your Name Describe Your Game
9. Use English Terms
10. Pick Names Gamers Can Remember

800+ Cool Names For Games You Will Love;

50+ Cool Names For Action Games:

Forbidden Tales
Cursed Aftermath
Rescue of Lies
Burn of Rescue
Revival and Execution
Mortals and Androids
Demon Rising
Dragon Invasion
Crash of Democracy
Retaliate of Combat
Hunt and Apocalypse
Evil and Kings
Tactical Harvest
Storm Complex
Chase of Vengeance
Rise of Assault
Journey and Empire
Kings and Infinity
Hunting Theft
Star Command
Retaliate of Restitution
Assault of Strife
Revival and Memories
Werewolves and Mystery
Armed Woods
Lunar Crusade
Attack of Transgression
Guard of Opportunity
Remorse and Revenge
Mystery and Mayhem

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100+ Cool Names For Adventure Games:

Gray Trail
Dark Abyss
Elves of Riddles
Pirates of Conquest
Time and Last
Time Travel and Wisdom
Forbidden Colony
Eternal Syndrome
Lords of Horrors
Power of Justice
Conquest and Fate
Lies and Redemption
Prime Wish
Innocent Planet
Vikings of Stories
Conquest of Blasphemy
City and World
Magic and Silver
Whispering Memory
Forbidden Echo
Kings of Vengeance
Angels of Darkness
Conquest and Mystery
Winter and Trust
Parallel Invasion
Broken Tomb
Vikings of Solitude
Shadows of Rituals
Agent and Death
Clans and Tomorrow
Rising Power
Last Wish
Demons of Legends
Vikings of Legends
Legacy and Immortals
Chaos and Magic
Midnight Power
Eclipsed Evolution
Codes of Discipline
Knights of Mystery
Danger and Game
Power and Angels

100+ Cool Names For Sports Games:

Winter Sports Icons
Fishing Super Stars
Trainers of Championships
Rookies of Seasons
Times and Kicks
Basketball and Street Racing
Beach Online
Hockey Training Manager
Players of Training
Competitors of Trophy Hunting
Generation and Times
Pro Fighting and Whitewater
Whitewater Legends
Fantasy Sports Champions
Legends of the Olympic Games
Challengers of Defeats
Games and Trophies
Rugby and Race
Strongest Man Experience
Fishing Tycoons
Masters of Championships
Heroes of Boot Camp
Hunts and Lords
Formula One and Winter Sports
Grandslam Heroes
Baseball Simulator
Heroes of the Olympic Games
Professionals of Front Pages
Tournaments and Stars
the Hunt and Golf

100+ Cool Names For Role Playing Games:

Majestic Spyre
Paradise Harbinger
Souls of Romance
Goblins of Supremacy
Origin and Heroes
Autumn and Love
Broken Dimension
Storm Tribes
Riddles of Myths
Spirits of Fate
Angel and Forest
Twilight and Might
Nether King
Lightning Blitz
Spirits of Origins
Legends of Heritage
Face and City
Autumn and Alchemy
Magic Faction
Moonlight Dawn
Robots of Exploration
Mysteries of Murder
Book and City
Iron and Runes

100 Cool Names For Strategy Games:

Cultural Commander
Metal Armageddon
Titans of Embers
Light of Embers
Monsters and Leaders
Flames and Misery
Nuclear Survival
Boundless Warlords
Blood of Domination
Towers of Myths
Mercenaries and Dragons
Retaliation and Malice
Nation Tribulation
Samurai Aftermath
Price of Defeat
Crown of Valor
Demons and Crowns
Retribution and Liberation
Mutant Uprising
Angel Awakening
Fires of Retaliation
Age of Supremacy
Immortals and Spirits
Death and Power
Immortal Vengeance
Frontline Tribulation
Memories of Nowhere
World of Turmoil
Cannons and Spirits
Terror and Alliances
Star Cataclysm
Dragon Assault
Clans of Undoing
Legions of Tactics
Assassins and Castles
Treason and Glory
Drone Warcraft
Battlefront Battalion
Fields of Spite
Monuments of Oblivion
Ghosts and Androids
Command and Chaos
Wonder Academy
History Brigade
Game of Fortune
Legions of Souls
Leaders and Armies
Warfare and Violence
Ancient Revolution
Military Awakening
Galaxy of Mutiny
Galaxy of Eternity
Death and Retaliation

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100+ Cool Names For Simulation Games:

Medieval Corp
Town Deluxe
Vampires of Universes
Magic of Conflicts
Era and Days
Nature and TimeTravel
Damage Captain
Demolition Mania
Ships of Risks
Skeletons of Machines
History and Contracts
Farms and Mining
Android Champion
Nation Legacy
Tanks of Victory
Doctors of Captains
Rise and Age
Iron and Nature
Hospital Control
Space Edge
Wildlife of Formations
Towns of Legends
Designers and Days
Shadows and Glory
Hunter Tycoon
World Revelation
Airplanes of Guns
Aliens of Programs
Kingdom and Designers
Rails and Construction
Damage Typhoon
Sail Corp
Nations of Tales
Planes of Challengers
Realm and Ventures
Knights and Transport
Nuclear Project
Family Chronicles
Airplanes of Dynasties
Beasts of Warriors
Fortress and Titans
Creation and Knights
Colony Combat
Kingdom Rescue
Viruses of Captains
Titans of Civilizations
Designers and Contracts
War and Freedom

20+ Cool Character Names:

Talor Li
Josiah Farrell
Brian Prince
Allen Johns
Carmen Peters
Otto Morgan
Niall Santiago
Jared Rubio
Maxim Sheppard
Albert Nixon
Tony Sutherland
Grover Wu
Alfie Dotson
Owain Gates
Ewan Dale
Calum Baldwin
Nathan Mcclean
Ross Sharpe


The most important factor about picking a game name is to ensure it describes your game completely. We hoped you enjoyed this list of Cool Names for Games in all categories such as Action, Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Sports and Role Playing, leave us a comment with your thoughts below.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

WiziWig Alternative: Top 10 Best Sports Streaming Replacement

Do you need the top 10 best Wiziwig Alternatives? If so this is the right article for you which would be a solution to this problem of streaming sports online at no cost or sign-up fee.
WiziWig Alternative

WiziWig is a top sport streaming brand in the industry for many years now and is very well trusted by millions of sports fans from all over the world on various sports such as WiziWig Football, WiziWig Basketball, WiziWig Baseball, WiziWig Boxing, WiziWig Rugby, WiziWig App and other sections on this great website.

Now, here is a list of the best WiziWig Alternative streaming Sports websites on the internet at no cost for users from all over the world.

WiziWig Alternative
This is the best WiziWig Alternative today with a very simple and user-friendly website design making sports streaming fantastic for its various users on the website.

They also allow you to stream your favorite Sports TV channels online and never miss out on any action thanks to its various categories such as CricFree Football, CricFree Basketball, CricFree Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, Rugby and so many other interesting sports to watch on the internet.

Wiziwig Replacement
This WiziWig Alternative is dedicated to mostly football but can provide streaming sources for other sports of your choice at no cost and has been a trusted sports streaming website for so many years now.

If you love mostly football, 12thPlayer is definitely for you no doubt and it would serve you perfectly with matches from top leagues such as English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, and others.

12thPlayer Review: "This is definitely the best website for streaming football on the internet, it is a very good WiziWig Alternative and just has too many ads so its advisable to make use of an ad-blocker when streaming on this website for free."

Wiziwig Alternative
This is another great sports streaming website and the best WiziWig Alternative in any case. You can live stream matches from any tournament from all over the world but would need you to sign-up for an account to enjoy full access of this website.

LiveTV Review: "This is like watching a TV at home with very little stress and at no cost, this is outrageous and I would continue using LiveTV every week to watch my favorite matches and TV Channels."

WiziWig Alternative
SportStream is a top choice of WiziWig Alternative and is a very well known website in the online sports streaming industry for many years now providing quality streaming for its various users.

SportStream has different categories for various sports such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Hockey, Rugby, Golf and so many more.

SportStream Review: "This is my best WiziWig replacement with a fast and durable website interface making sports streaming easy and less stressful any place I plan to stream online."

Most people now prefer to stream matches online than pay for any monthly subscription plan on satellite networks.  Sportp2p is a well-known sports streaming website and a top WiziWig Alternative which has been around for so many years with millions of visitors every month.

They have various categories for sports such as Football, Tennis, Boxing, Baseball, Hockey and others for its users to stream their favorite matches at no cost.


This is a perfect WiziWig Alternative providing sports streaming for various sports in the industry with millions of visitors every month on the platform.

Stream2Watch provides everything you need from Football, Tennis, Boxing, Hockey, and so many other sports.

Review: "I never knew this website was available until today and it has already helped me solve a big problem of streaming La Liga matches online, this is very good no doubt."

You can watch the latest matches from all over the world with Atdhe at no cost or monthly subscription fee for its users.  You don't need to sign-up on this website which makes sports streaming even easier and less stressful for sports fans.

Atdhe has millions of visitors every month on its website which makes it clear they are a trusted and top Wiziwig alternative in the sports streaming industry.

Atdhe Review: "Bravo, I love this website no doubt very simple and easy to use but the advertisements are annoying so it is advisable to use a top browser on this platform."

WiziWig Alternative
Sport365 is another top website WiziWig alternative for streaming various sports contents online with a live news update, stats, and facts. It has various sports categories such as Football, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Baseball, and others.

On Sport365 homepage, there is a list of the upcoming live match events and details with a very easy to navigate button at the top of the website.

User Review: "This is the most simple sports streaming website ever with a user-friendly website interface which is just the best I have seen to stream sports matches on the internet."

This is a new sports streaming website but is still a very worthy Wiziwig alternative with live match news and updates to keep you informed ahead of games.

You can also watch FIFA World Cup matches with this WiziWig Alternative but it has a high amount of advertisements which can be very disturbing for streaming your various sports matches on the website.

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Review: "Excess advertisements are just the only problem on this website, they have quality streaming service but the ads are too excessive with is not good for streaming sports online."

Vipleague nba
This is another top WiziWig Alternative for streaming sports matches online. They have streaming for various sports such as VipLeague NBA, UFC, Football, Tennis and many more.

The subscription on this website is free which is why it is a WiziWig Alternative so no problem of fees or charges to watch your favorite matches and have millions of monthly visitors who are addicted to VipLeague.

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I hope you loved this list of WiziWig Alternatives if you have other websites that should be on this list? kindly leave a comment below...

VipLeague: Top 5 Secret Free Sports Streaming Alternatives

VipLeague NBA is a top choice website for streaming sports online at no cost but only your browsing data would be deducted while streaming matches on this platform.

VipLeague NBA is a top section of this top sports streaming website which has other categories such as VipLeague App, VipLeague NFL, VipLeague UFC and VipLeague Baseball, VipLeague Golf, VipLeague Rugby, VipLeague Handball, VipLeague Volleyball, and other top sections.

User Review: "I never thought this website would be this great. it's just fantastic but an ad-blocker should be used to be on a safe side.

Some users have issues using this VipLeague NBA, VipLeague UFC and others section on this platform, so we have decided to provide a list of other sports streaming websites free of charge without any sign-up fee to solve this problem.

Top 10 VipLeague NBA Sports Football Streaming Alternatives


Wizwig is a top online sports streaming website and is a perfect choice to replace VIPLeague and its sections such as VIPLeague NBA, VIPLeague UFC. They have various sections such as Wiziwig Football, Wiziwig Basketball, Wiziwig Rugby, Wiziwig Boxing, and others to stream your various sports online.


BatManStream is an old but very reliable sports streaming website on the internet with it known as a perfect alternative for VIPLeague NBA, VIPLeague UFC and has a very friendly website interface which makes sports streaming easy and stressfree but you should make use of an adblocker so as to avoid any disturbances with pop-up and other adverts while streaming.

User Review: "The streaming is really nice and are one of the best but the ads on this platform are just too much and it is very disturbing which streaming matches."

Another User Review: "I had assumed this website only shows the English Premier League but no it also provides streaming of Spanish La Liga and Bundesliga matches which is fantastic including the VipLeague NBA and VipLeague UFC Sections."

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Third User Review: "This website is great, the only problem is the search button which does not provide results I need on the website."


This is a top sport streaming brand alternative for VIPLeague NBA or VIPLeague UFC and has been in the industry for so many years thanks to its reliability and strong performance compared to other sports streaming websites.

Stream2Watch also provides a live scores feature and another top feature such as match details, match facts, match predictions and tournaments such as the FIFA Club World Cup, English Premier League, Bundesliga, Italian Football League, Coppa Italia, Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League competitions.

A user review: "When I was in the United States, this is the site that I was watching La Liga with. That's why I was a little bit surprised when I read on this website that I can access Stream2watch in my home country. What a relief!"

Another User review: "Really nice streaming site! No lags and runs perfectly without any issues, this is still my best website option for streaming matches."

Third User Review: "Even if they provide streaming in a bad way, i definitely don't mind and I would continue using this perfect website."


CricFree is no.4 on this list but it is still one of the best VipLeague NBA, VIPLeague UFC Alternative with a top spot in the online sports streaming industry and has various categories to provide top quality sports streaming for its various users from all over the world.

They have many sports categories such as CricFree Football, CricFree Tennis, CricFree Basketball, CricFree Baseball and more for other sports you might love to watch on this website.

Some users claim this website focuses mostly on Cricket but that is absolutely false, CricFree is focused on all sports of any kind from football, baseball to many more out there.


This is another fantastic top sports streaming website and VIPLeague NBA, UFC alternative for quality streaming service allowing users from all over the world without any bio or geo-restriction.

User Review: "This is one of the best options to stream matches on the internet without issues or any problem. I can watch my football team or any other matches for just 10 dollars a month. They have a full list of football schedules, so it is very easy to find what you are looking for."

Another User Review: "I have been travelling a lot lately for work for the past few years and I wanted to make sure I spend time in the evening with my thirteen-year-old son. I was looking for something stimulating and inspiring to share with him while I hang out with him in the evening for a few hours. He is a big fan of Sports like football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and swimming.

"He looks forward to watching sports from around the world, especially sports documentaries and championship replays. I found this amazing best Sports Streaming site and it provides limitless opportunities to steam new and exciting sporting events.

"These videos teach my son how to build stronger sports skills so he can defeat other players in new and innovative ways in various sports. These video guides are fantastic because they allow my son to use his creativity and study the plays and strategies of the greatest sports coaches of all time using the internet environment. This keeps him occupied while I have to clean up the house and make dinner. This sports streaming site is amazing."


I hoped you enjoyed this list of top VIPLeague NBA, VipLeague UFC Sports streaming website alternatives? If so let us know your opinions in the comment box below.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

LinkCollider Review 2019: Rank No.1 On Google Free Traffic

What Is LinkCollider?

LinkCollider is a website which uses social media to help its users achieve various needs such as Blog SEO, Blog traffic, Backlinks, Facebook page likes, twitter followers, YouTube Subscribers and more.
Top LinkCollider Tools:

1.Backlinks Generator
2.Article Rewriter
3.Search Engines Submissions
4.Directory Submission
5. Youtube Subscribes
6.Facebook Page Likes
7.Twitter Followers, Retweet
8.Sitemap Generator
9.Plagiarism Checker
10.Page Rank Checker

LinkCollider History;

Linkcollider was launched back in 2012 and is registered as a private domain on The nameservers of this website are pointed to Cloudflare servers which means they are connected to Cloudflare.

LinkCollider Sign Up:

Step1: Visit LinkCollider Home Page Here

Step2: You will be provided with three options to sign up which are; Sign Up Via Mail, Sign Up using Facebook and Sign Up GooglePlus

Step2: Enter all the necessary information requested for such as name, email address and other details.

Step4: After completing your sign-up, on your dashboard head to the Add your website tab.

Step5: Enter your website URL, title, description and set a reward token - this serves as how much you give people who decide to visit your website from LinkCollider.

Step6: Click Submit and you are fully ready to get started, so head back to your dashboard - In your dashboard, you can, pause or stop any program of your choice there.

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How To Get Free Tokens On This Platform:

To get tokens you have to perform some certain tasks to get started and keep your own programs running in your dashboard, here is a list of activities you can choose from;

1.Facebook Like
2.Subscribe To YouTube Channels
3.Retweet On Twitter
4. Share Facebook Posts
5.Pinterest Pins
6.Pinterest Followers
7.AutoSurf (Browse Websites)
8.Link Clicks
9.Blogger Posts
10.WordPress Posts

How To  Buy LinkCollider Tokens
Yes! you can buy Linkcollder tokens to get Facebook likes and other stuff you need on this at a good rate. Visit the LinkCollider Tokens Purchase Page HERE
1.For Beginners: 30,000 tokens at $20
2.For Small Businesses: 145,000 tokens at $70
3.For medium-sized Businesses: 730,000 tokens at $50
4.For Professionals and companies: 1,460,000 tokens at $500

LinkCollider Premium Plans:

I would suggest you go for the Premium Plan because it is very affordable and starts at $20 monthly, which is great to test this platform and decide if your money is worth it.

1.Premium Monthly: This comes at a discount $20 monthly which gives you all these privileges such as Set Token Budget, Auto Generate Backlinks, Maximum of 20 websites, +5000 tokens on purchase of this plan and so much more.

2.Premium Annual: This is a $140 plan for a year and gives the following abilities; +60,000 tokens on the purchase, Auto Generate Backlinks, Set Tokens budget, Set Daily Activity Cap and so much more options.

3.Gold Monthly: This is a $40 monthly plan that gives you the following abilities; maximum of 20 websites, Backlinks Generator, and much more stuff on this website.

How To Upgrade Linkcollider Account To Premium:

1. After signing in to your account, look at the top bar for the "Upgrade" button and click it to get started.

2. You can upgrade your account using Credit Card or PayPal.

Refund Policy:

Linkcollider offers refunds i.e both the client and the company have the right to terminate an agreement at any time due or contact the support team for assistance if ever needed.

LinkCollider Backlinks Tool Review:

Using this tool, you can build quality web 2.0 backlinks to your website in exchange for tokens as explained before, quality backlinks can result in more sales, more traffic, and more earnings.

To use this Backlink Tool, follow this;

Step1: Login to your LinkCollider Account

Step2: Check the top of your dashboard page and find the "SEO Tools" section.

Step3: Now click it and then click the Backlinks Generator

Step4: On this page, enter your website URL to get started.

Step5: On the next page, enter your website description and link again in the field provided including your website Title.

Step6: Now click on the Generate Backlinks Button and simple you would see the Backlinks linking back to your website.

BackLink Tool Features;

- 100% unique URL for each backlink
-Submitted to Page Rank 0-4 websites
- Dofollow Backlinks.

LinkCollider Bookmarking Tool:

Here is another great tool on this website, this tool will help you submit your website to so many Bookmarking websites which can also generate traffic. Follow these instructions to use this tool;

Step1: Head over to SEO Tools again

Step2: Select the "Bookmarking" option on the list.

Step3: This would then take you to another page to enter the necessary information needed.

Step4: Enter your blog URL, title, short description, and tags.

Step5: Click the next button and you will be redirected to another page which shows you a long list of bookmarking websites available for use.

Step6: Now Register on each website and then return to LinkCollider and click the Post button.

LinkCollider Directory Tool:

This tool from LinkCollider submits your website to many different directories, which would help your website to be found by more people and for Google and other search engines to crawl.

Step1: Click the "SEO Tools" button

Step2: Now select the "Directory Submission" Option available.

Step3: On this next page, type in your website URL and click start submission.

LinkCollider Search Engines Submission:

Do you wish for your website to be on millions of Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo search and many more? Yes, LinkCollider can help out with this just follow these instructions;

1. Click the SEO Tools option as done before

2. Select the Search Engine Submission option.

3. Now click on Submit To Google to get started

4. Once done, click Submit for the other search engines listed.

LinkCollider Affiliate Program:

Another great feature from this platform is its referral program which is very lucrative for attracting more people. For each user, you refer to LinkCollider that purchases a premium plan/membership, you receive a commission of 20& for that sale and all commissions will be automatically paid to your PayPal within 60 days after the user joined the platform.

I hope you loved this article from us, kindly share your thoughts with us via the comment section below..

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

NNU Forum Income Login Registration Review HURRY Make Money Online Program

NNU Forum Income Program Login Now: This is a platform which enables people from all over the world to make money for reading news, referring people, sharing posts on the internet, which serves as another source of revenue for so many people.

Are you a Graduate, student, staff, parents? no matter who you are, you can make good money from NNU income Forum at only the cost of registration and free onward as long as you participate in the income program.

What You Need To Make It On NNU

1.A Laptop or mobile phone
2.Stable Internet Connection
3.Free Time
4.Registration Fee
5.Active Bank Account
6.Active Email Address

How To Register On NNU Forum Income:

Step1: You need to pay a registration fee of 1600 to join this NNU Forum income program.

Step2: There are various ways to pay the 1600naira needed to register such as Coupon Code. Bank Payments and more.

Step3: Visit the NNU Forum Registration Page Here to get started.

Step4: Enter your first name and last name in the required columns.

Step5: Enter your valid email address and phone numbers

Step6: Enter the username and password you wish to use.

Step7: Now you will need to pay the 1400 registration fee, you can use the Paystack or Pin method.

To use the Coupon Code, contact any of this verified distributors below and pay your 1600 to them as they are verified and won't scam you trusted by NNU Income.

1. Osi-Efa Adedotun - 09066084602

Step8: Enter the Coupon code you got from the authorized distributor

Step9: Then click on make a payment, once this is done you would get a welcome to NNU Forum Income message.

NNU Forum Income Login - Login To Your Account

Step1: Visit the NNU Income Login Page HERE

Step2: Enter the login details you used during sign-up.

Step3: Click on Login and your dashboard would appear.

How To Make Money On NNU Forum Income Program

1.Reading News: This is one of the ways you can use to make money online with the NNU Income Program, all you have to do is head to NNU Forum homepage and click any news you are interested in and you would be paid to your dashboard for every news you read.

2.Comments: After reading news on NNU Income, you can make money by writing a comment after each article you read on the income website to boost your earnings in no time.

3.NAP: This is a referral program by NNU Income which allows its users to make money for referring people to sign-up and join the network. You get 1000 from each user who joins the network via your referral link, which can be found in your dashboard.

4.Sponsored Posts: You can make more money on NNU for sharing sponsored posts on your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, you get 150naira for each shared post online.

5.Daily Login: If you login to your NNU account everyday, you get a 50naira login bonus each day which is not much but manageable for a start.

6.Post Forum Topic: You can make more money on NNU when you create a relevant forum topic on NNU that is approved by its moderators.

Who Is Behind NNU Forum Income Program:

NNU Income is not a get rich quick income scheme and it was created in July 2017 by the well known Nigerian developer Paul Samson under G-Cyber Technologies. NNU is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (2453653).

Within a year of launching the NNU Income Program, the website has become one of the most visited websites in our country Nigeria and is currently ranked among the Top 20 most visited websites in Nigeria.

How To Cashout/Withdraw On NNU Income Program

1.Head Over to the NNU Income login page

2. Login successfully.

3. Make sure you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit of 5,000naira NARS Earnings, Affiliate and referral commissions are paid within 24-48 hours. You can also use your NARS Earning to pay for various stuff online such as bills and you can as well transfer your earnings to friends or advertisers if interested to resell after getting your minimum withdrawal limit.

NARS points can also be used to advertise on NNU, you can also sell, transfer or keep your earnings in your account.

NNU Forum Income Program Terms Of Participation

1. Member must be 18 years old and above
2. You are not allowed to have more than one NNU Income account.
3. You are not allowed to use other persons email address for any reason.
4. You cannot use a false or misleading name.
5. Spamming the forum with unnecessary contents is highly prohibited.
6.NNU Income does not offer registration fee refunds, so be sure and make your decision before paying the fee.

Member’s out of print participation within the NNU financial gain Program or failure to give notice NNU financial gain Program of any address (mailing or email) changes might lead to the termination of Member’s membership and forfeiture of Member’s damned Earnings.

Member shall fit all laws, rules, and rules that are applicable to the member. Member acknowledges that Member might solely participate in NNU financial gain Program if and to the extent that such participation is allowable by such laws, rules, and rules.

NNU Income Program Disclaimer



NNU Income Program financial gain PROGRAM MAKES NO warranty relating to ANY merchandise OR SERVICES acquired through this income program.


Sunday, 28 April 2019

Cruise TV: Watch Live TV Free On MTN

Cruise TV is an internet network with high-quality channels for users to watch live from their various devices from all over the world at no cost for some users.

Cruise TV broadcasts contents based on News, Sports, Tech Gists, Entertainment Gists and much more daily on its network.

How To Watch Cruise Tv For Free On MTN

Step1: Download the official Cruise TV app from the Google Play Store Here.

Step2: Make sure you have no active data on ur MTN sim to save you some data.

Step3: Open the application and click a channel to get started.

Step4: It might take you some time for it to load is your first time using the app.

MTN APN Settings For Cruise TV

Step1: Create a new APN setting

Step2: Enter name:

Step3: Proxy: Leave it empty

Step4: Port: Leave it empty

Step5: Username and Password leave it empty, then save and apply your new APN Settings.

All Cruise Tv Program Schedules:

Country Cruise 6:00 am – 6:30 am

Daily Manner 6:30 am – 7:30 am

Keep match (therapy) 7:30 am To 8:00 am

Disney World 8:00 am To 9:00 am

Sesame Street 9:00 am  To 10:00 am

Weather Program 10:00 am – 10:05 am

African Movies 10:05 am – 12:00 pm

Global read Africa 12:00 pm – 12:15 pm

Prayer Program 12:15 pm – 12:30 pm

Cruise on TV (shout out) 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Weather Related 1:00 pm – 1:05 pm

How To Stream Cruise TV Using MX Player

Step1: Download Mx Player from the Google Play Store

Step2: Download Cruise Tv cracked stream link

Step3: Open your MX Player

Step4: Now click on the three dots shown at the top of the app

Step5: Click on Network Stream

Step6: Enter the cracked server you downloaded in step2.

Now it would load up and you can watch Cruise Tv without even opening the app thanks to this new trick online.

Cruise TV Nigeria Contact Team

Phone Line1: 07033268427 and Phone Line 2: 08051644498.

Email Address:

More: GidiMo: Download App To Get Free 150MB

How To Stream Cruise Tv On Pc

To stream live Tv on pc, connect your laptop or desktop to an MTN network via Wifi or any other way.

Now head to the cruise tv official website