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Top 5 Best New Methods To Check Glo Data Balance

Do you wish to know your Glo data balance on your device before you continue surfing the internet, watching videos, chatting? This is a perfect article to solve that problem for you kindly read along.
Glo Data Balance

Glo is one of the top 4 telecommunication networks in Nigeria, while in competition with the likes of MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile formally known as Etisalat before a recent change.

Glo Nigeria also recently announced its new Free facebook feature just months after Etisalat launched the same feature which is based on being able to compete with the top telecommunication brand in Nigeria and some parts of Africa.

5 Methods To Check Glo Data Balance

1. Go to your phone dialer
2. Type this USSD code *777#
3. This would load a new interface, now select the "Subscription Plan" option listed.
4. Now click Manage Data
5.Select Data Balance in the next pop-up.

After you select Data Balance, wait a few seconds and you will be able to see your balance without any problems.

2. Method 2 To Check Glo Data Balance

We can only check our Glo Data Balance with the help of a simple and new USSD code recently released by the telecommunication brand.

The new USSD code to check data balance on Glo is *127*0#

3. Check Glo Data Balance By SMS

Today, the world is changing and everything is getting easier for some, while more difficult for some as Technology continues to GLO revolutionize the whole world.

To check your balance by SMS, send a text message with this "INFO" to 127.

For the Blackberry users, you can send "STATUS" without quotes to 777.

Within the next one minute after sending that text, you will get an SMS from GLO showing you your data balance, if auto-renewal is enabled or not for that subscription plan.

4. Check GLO Data Balance Using Online Portal

Here is another fantastic way to check your network data balance without any stress, do follow our instructions and that's all.

1. Open your phone web browser like Opera Mini, UC Browser, Firefox, Chrome or any of your favorite browsers.

2. Type this web address "" - This is a GLO online help portal which is very handy to all Glo users/fans all over the world.

3. After you type this address and proceed to browser, a page will then load up and show you how much data you have left, when your data expires and also how to auto-renew without any problems.

5. Check Glo Data Balance With Mobile App
Glo Cafe App

Yes, it is very possible to check my GLO data balance with the help of a GLO App which has other interesting functions for all GLO users across the world.

The Glo Cafe App is an initiative by GLO to make life easier for its customers with has features such as being able to check your GLO data balance, buy GLO data, check GLO data plans and others.

Glo Cafe App is available for all android users on the Google Play Store and for the IOS users on the IOS store.

After downloading this app from any of the aforementioned stores, launch the app and register with your GLO phone number.

Once registration is completed, you can start managing your GLO account without dialing any boring USSD data, you can also see your data balance within the app and so many other stuff are also available.

Additional Informations;

Glo Customer Care Number - Dial 127

Check Glo Airtime Balance Code - #124*1#

Check My Glo Number Code - Dial 1244

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This article has shown your different ways and methods to check your GLO data balance, kindly leave your comments below.

Airtel Data Balance Code: 3 Methods To Check Fast!

Airtel formally known as Zain is one of the top telecommunication provider in Nigeria and the whole of continent Africa for many years now till date.

Do you wish to check your airtel data balance fast? This is the right article for you to do just that here without any stress whatsoever.

There are three major ways to acess your data balance fast without any waste of time which are Airtel mobile app and a USSD code.

Simple USSD Code To Check Airtel Data Balance?

1. This is done with the use of a USSD code which is *140# as we know, oh you don't know lol at least now you know.

2. Another USSD code used to check Airtel data balance code is *223#

3. Here is the last USSD code used by some mobile phones to check their Airtel data balance which is *123*10#

Airtel provides numerous data bonus when you buy any of their plans such as the 1gb plan, 2gb plan. 4gb Plan, 7gb and others.

2nd Method To Check Airtel Data Balance?

The next way to check data balance on Airtel is via their mobile application which is available for download in all app stores such as the Google Play Store, IOS Store, and others.

With the Airtel app, you can easily send complaints to the customer team or solve any issues that may arise soon.

3rd Method To Check Airtel Data Balance

This is the last method used to check data balance on Airtel which involves the use of another USSD code.

1. To use this USSD code, type *141*712*0#
2. Wait for a few minutes, you will be sent an SMS
3. That sms you receive should show your Airtel Data Balance.

Top Airtel Check Codes

1.*!23*7# - Check Airtel SMS balance
2.*123# - Check Airtel Airtime balance
3.*121*8# - Check Airtel 4g data balance
5.*566# - Check Airtel Special Offers
6.*282# - Check Airtel Phone Number
7.*888# - Check Airtel Notifications
8.*141# - Airtel Data Plans Code

Top Airtel Daily Data Plans

1. 20MB 24hrs - 50naira
2. 75MB 24hrs - 100naira
3. 200MB 3days - 200naira
4. 350MB 7days - 300naira
5. 750MB 14days - 500naira

Top Airtel Monthly Data Plans

1.1.5GB 30days - 1,000naira
2.2.5GB+1GB Night 30days - 1,500naira
3.3.5GB 30days - 2,000naira
4.4.5GB+1GB Night 30 days - 2500naira
5.5.5GB +1GB Night 30 days - 3000naira

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I hoped you enjoyed this review on how to check Airtel data balance, Airtel codes and Airtel data plans kindly leave a comment below. Thanks.

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My Test 2019

Testing alot on this great website.

I recently wrote a great about a sports streaming website named "Goatdee" check it out.

Test Completed.

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GoatDee: Top 10 Secret Streaming Alternatives

GoatDee is one of the top sports streaming websites across the world for watching live matches and channels online at no cost to its users any day and at any time.

Goatdee is not the best to stream matches so here is a list of secret alternatives to watch live sports matches instead of using GoatDee or Goatdee live sports from any country all over the world for streaming your various sports matches like Tennis, BasketBall, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Handball, Golf, Car Racing, Chess Tournaments and many more.

GoatDee: Top 5 Secret Sports Streaming Alternatives


FuboTV is no doubt the best alternative to Goatdee for all sports fans across the world due to its wide range of channels and live sports coverage of various leagues in Football, Tennis and many more.

The only problem with FuboTv is that it can't the websites is not available for sports fans outside of the United States and is also not totally free, offering a wide range of subscription plans to choose from. Unlike Goatdee and Old mobile Bet9ja, If you visit FuboTv outside the US, you would get a notification telling you this website is not available in your country at the moment.

User Review: "FuboTV is absolutely fantastic, I can watch live matches from any league thanks for my trial for the main time I would agree this is the best Goatdee Alternative in the world."

FuboTV 2nd User Review: "Am in the US and I can access FuboTV, it is a fantastic website no doubt with a great user interface and most importantly a trial plan free for 7 days which is fantastic before paying any money to watch matches live online."


StreamHunter is a quality alternative for Goatdee and a flexible website for watching live sports matches for free with a high video quality from your mobile device or pc depending on your internet connection.

It provides a top streaming service very easy to use like Goatdee and allows you to stream your matches even while traveling around the world also based on your network range quality with each category for various sports like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Baseball and many more. unlike most sports streaming websites, StreamHunter also provides sports news to read in your free time on its website.

StreamHunter Review: "I love StreamHunter it is the 2nd best sports streaming website in the world and a perfect Goatdee alternative with a clean and easy to use website design."

2nd StreamHunter Review: "This website is perfect no doubt, I can search for any match live or leagues or even tournaments of my choice like the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and many more."


StopStream is our third best alternative to Goatdee in the sports streaming industry. It has a simple website interface making it easy to navigate your live matches in no time and select the match you wish to watch live.

StopStream has collaboration with some top brands like FromHot and many more top networks from all over the world. They also have a live chat feature which allows its users to interact from anywhere and it is completely free with no registration or anything of such.

StopStream Review: "Perfect website design I can watch my matches with easy and at no cost, I still believe FuboTV is the best but StopStream is also a great sports streaming website."


Feed2all is another great alternative to Goatdee for streaming live sports matches on the internet at no cost for its users.

Feed2All have categories for top sports like Goatdee such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Darts, Snooker, Cricket, Rugby, Olympics, MotoSport and many more sports. They also have a quality live scores feature which shows the scores from all top leagues like Premier League, French Ligue 1, Bundesliga and others.


This is another perfect alternative for GoatDee any day anytime for live sports matches streaming. MamaHD has a black color background with a red and white text design looking simple and good enough for sports streaming on its platform. It offers you matches schedules, news and list of all live events as at the time you visit this website's homepage. They provide streams from the likes of SkySports, BT Sport, BeIn Sports, Fox Sports, Box Nation, NFL Network and many other top sports streaming platforms.

MamaHD User Review: "Advertisements on this website is a little excessive from my perspective I would advise using a quality ad-blocker to stream matches as I do with no problems at all, this website is also free and does not require any form of registration to stream your favorites matches or even tournaments."


SportLemon is the next website on this list of Goatdee alternatives to stream all sports matches online live without any problems. You can watch all league matches, cups and tournaments like FIFA World Cup, AFCON, Copa America and many more thanks to its easy to use and clean website design.

On SportLemon homepage, a list of all the live contents are shown to select from and if your preferred match is not shown to make use of the search box provided. You can try it and let us know what you think.

SportLemon Review: "Best sports streaming website design have ever seen with a perfect interface, fewer ads and straight access to all live matches from its website homepage."


Any sports fan out there must definitely try out Laola1, it's our next alternative to Goatdee on this list. Laola1 is one of the best sports streaming websites in the world with fewer ads and quality live stream contents for all its users. They have over 50,000 monthly visitors on this website, which shows how addictive so many users have become addictive to this quality sports streaming brand.


This is not the best but very manageable goatdee alternative for streaming sports on your mobile devices or PC online at no cost for its users. StreamCamondo provides high-quality video definition streams for all your favorite sports matches, leagues, cups and tournaments. They cover a wide range of sports such as Baseball, Football, Hockey, Tennis and many more sports.


BatManStream is one of my best Goatdee alternatives known for many years for providing live high-quality stream for all sports events on its well-trusted website. They have a perfect homepage preview which shows all the currently live sports events in all sports from all over the world.

BatManStream is a must try from this list because I trust this platform perfectly to find your favorite live matches and watch them without any problems.


RedStreamSport is a top alternative for goatdee providing sports streaming channels for its thousands of monthly sports visitors. It is absolutely to watch matches live with RedStreamSport with no registration or anything else necessary. Unlike Goatdee, they provide you with streaming links from other websites in a formatted and easy way for you to decide which you prefer anyway.


I hope you enjoyed this list of Goatdee alternatives and can now watch your favorite live sports matches without any problems, if you have suggestions or ideas of websites like VipLeague NBA that should be listed here kindly leave a comment below, we will respond as soon as possible.